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for improve your income and get daily motivation


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How often you are checking performance of your store?

Like a child, the business was born and gently and carefully, you nurtured it to growth. Like a mother who daily looks after her new born baby, noticing new signs of growth, you monitored every detail of your online store.

Months later, your figurative baby - the online store can now walk, and you became like a busy father you decides to take trips, watching your business from afar expecting profits.

Just like the start, your online store should be treated like that baby by a mother till the very end. No mother waits till month end to give attention to her child because this can be fatal to the child just as it can be to your business.

Day to day comparison

Daily sales report gives direct daily comparison.

  • Did you do better on Saturday than on Sunday?
  • Why was Saturday better?
  • Is there something we did on Saturday that caused the increased sale some can repeat it on Monday and Tuesday?

Your daily sales report would help you to answer such questions and help you to make more sales every day. The goal in business is ultimately to make sure that today is always better than yesterday.

Trend Data

Your daily sales reports can help you follow market trends.

  • What are they buying?
  • Who are buying?
  • How much are they buying?

This data shows you the general behavior of your customers and help you plan according to it.

In any way you look at it, the best way to know and help your business stay alive is to monitor it daily.

It helps you find new ways to further rake in the profits and keep customers happy. You get to monitor your figurative child , where every day brings something new and each challenge becomes an interesting experience to learn from.

Daily Motivation

Who doesn’t love counting money? Who doesn’t like the hope of counting even more money? I guess we all love money.

Your daily sales reports can keep you in the loop of how much you are making, compared with your set goals, and if you are not hitting your target, you get motivated to strive for more.

Let your daily report be your morning dose of intense motivation.

This is a great challenge when you see that revenues was increased significantly, you could earn even more in comparison with yesterday again and again.

It will become more and more interesting every day to manage their own business. This is like to raising a child. Every day brings something new and you will be in the center of events with daily reports.

Keep the pulse of the business under control, and it will gratefully respond to your attention.

Possible new features

These features are not implemented yet, please send me message using contact form if you are interested in some of them:

  • new metrics / dimensions
  • Google Adwords, Facebook Ads integration
  • Sending reports to messengers like chat bot in Slack or Telegram or some other messenger
  • SMS reports
  • custom reports / intervals for different recipients
  • support for collaboration / feedback / discussion on reports in your team
  • machine learning / predictions
  • report in PDF / charts
  • gamefication
  • track costs / profit margin / breakeven
  • dashboards

Changes history

2nd March 2017. First version of app

15th March 2017. Google Analytics integration is added

24th March 2017. App is published

8th April 2017. Ability to add multiple email recipients is added. Custom unsubscription links for each recipient

22nd April 2017. Ability to set "dispatch time" so you can receive data for previous day in the beginning of your next working day