Have traffic, but no sales in Shopify store?

This is very common question.

Answer actually very simple. You should start to communicate with visitors of your store.

It will allow you to identify obstacles during order placing.

Visitors may have some concerns before placing orderm but you can’t know it without communication.

Such concerns may include:

  • questions about your product
  • payment methods availability
  • shipping pricing
  • guarantees
  • and many other

How you can discover such problems?

It can be done by these ways:

  • Setup online chat
  • Use “on-exit” surveys
  • Invite users to subscribe to newsletter and write personal message to new subscribers
  • Look abandoned cart and call to potential buyers by phone
  • Use Facebook / Google Adwords remarketing and invite visitors to survey
  • Ask question / invite to conversations in your posts in Facebook, Instagram and other social media
  • Move products photos upper, don’t use big headers
  • Make Buy button really outstanding
  • Try to set price as smaller as possible (just for few days tests)

Actually it is near useless to ask other store owners in forums / social media. You should communicate with YOUR visitors on YOUR online store.


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