How to change Buy Button text if product has sold-out state in Shopify?

I’m setting up a site using the Buy Button, and while I can change my “Add to Cart” text, I cannot seem to change the “Out of Stock” text. I would prefer it to read “Sold”, as I am doing a lot of unique one-off products.

There was an earlier thread showing how to do this, but it is now marked “out of date” and doesn’t work any more.

You can select Themes menu, click Edit language:

And after select Product tab / edit Sold out field:

Have traffic, but no sales in Shopify store?

This is very common question.

Answer actually very simple. You should start to communicate with visitors of your store.

It will allow you to identify obstacles during order placing.

Visitors may have some concerns before placing orderm but you can’t know it without communication.

Such concerns may include:

  • questions about your product
  • payment methods availability
  • shipping pricing
  • guarantees
  • and many other

How you can discover such problems?

It can be done by these ways:

  • Setup online chat
  • Use “on-exit” surveys
  • Invite users to subscribe to newsletter and write personal message to new subscribers
  • Look abandoned cart and call to potential buyers by phone
  • Use Facebook / Google Adwords remarketing and invite visitors to survey
  • Ask question / invite to conversations in your posts in Facebook, Instagram and other social media
  • Move products photos upper, don’t use big headers
  • Make Buy button really outstanding
  • Try to set price as smaller as possible (just for few days tests)

Actually it is near useless to ask other store owners in forums / social media. You should communicate with YOUR visitors on YOUR online store.


Date Picker – How do I make it mandatory?

I’m using the Shopify suggested code to add a date picker to my checkout process, however, I can’t seem to make it mandatory. This is the code I have inserted. Can anyone help?

You can add required into input tag.

Instead this:

<input id="date" type="text" name="attributes[date]" value="{{ }}" />

Use this code:

<input required id="date" type="text" name="attributes[date]" value="{{ }}" />


Automatic emails based on count of orders in the Shopify store

We are trying to tie a promotion to the number of orders a single customer places. Is this possible through a free add-on?? For Example:

  • After the first order, we want to give the customer X% off.
  • After their third order, we want to give the customer Y% off.
  • After their 5 order, we want to give the customer a free product. etc…

I have tried looking online, and found a few upselling apps that seem to do something similar, but no automated emails or anything that integrates to the already existing shopify platform, and bases it on # of orders.


You can use App for MailChimp integration and use eCommerce integration.

It will allow to build custom segments and send them email campaigns.

Such email campaigns can contain promo code depending on orders count